We live in a unique era when the pain of oppression still lingers in the folds, but also a time when we are more motivated than ever to push for change. 

In casting, so many actors are pushed aside and artistically silenced for factors that stand irrelevant against their talents. BAD Theatre Company is here to show that colors, sizes, genders, beliefs, and abilities should never stand in the way of our desires as artists: to tell a story and to make an impact.

We hope to transcend traditional theatrical imagery, and likewise inspire ideas among theater-goers that push for a more accepting world. We hope that our audiences will embrace this concept with us, spread the love, and accept the idea that diversity should be the new and improved norm of the performing arts.

Like it or not, we are all different. And this makes us stronger. BAD is prepared to break the rules and challenge the way you see musical theatre.